Trips Ideas For Autumn In Southern Italy

What to do in autumn

Autumn is the perfect season to take a holiday; most tourists have come back home,  main attractions are not overrun and  weather is generally nice.

Southern italy is, for example, a coffer full of treasures, and this could be the right opportunity to go and discover puglia or sicily; the suggested destinations are otranto, taormina and palermo.

Southern Italy is, for example, a treasure chest full of treasures and this could be the right opportunity to go and discover Puglia or Sicily; the proposed destinations are Otranto, Taormina and Palermo.

Going to Otranto

The mandatory steps are the historical center – it must be visited at the sunset when everything turns red- , the aragonese castle – which casn be visited upon ticket payment.

Last, but not less important, the cathedral (it preserves the remains of 800 people killed during  the turkish invasion), st. Peter’s little church (la chiesetta di san pietro) – it is the oldest religious building in otranto, and inside it’s possible to admire woderul frescoes).

Last but not least, the Cathedral (it houses the remains of the 800 people killed during the Turkish invasion) and the Church of San Pietro (it is the oldest religious building in Otranto and inside you can admire wonderful frescoes).

Visit Taormina


Taormina, charming sicilian town, has enjoyed grat success since ancient times, thus becoming the ordinary people chosen destination, poets and writers.

Mandatory steps are as follow : a greek theatre visit offers a wonderful view over the calabrian and sicilian coasts, a villa comunale stop to admire the english garden.  As follows : palazzo coraja, the duomo,  and a walk along corso umberto i. However,  in piazza ix aprile you can visit the baroque church of saint giuseppe (st. Joseph), the former gothic church of sant’agostino, and the clock tower.

Discover Palermo

Palermo boasts a long list of attractions and, amaong the mandatory  tour steps, there is palazzo dei normanni (stop in palatine chapel to admire the mosaics), teatro massimo (which represents the largest opera house in italy, characterized by its perfect acoustics).